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Commercial law

Ukrainian legislative framework governing commercial activity is essential for succeeding in any business activity in Ukraine. However, commercial law continues to be one of the most contradictory areas of law and its judicial interpretation quite often is the least predictable.

PARITET law firm’s lawyers consistently keep their fingers on the pulse of the most recent changes in commercial legislation and its practical application. That is why we are able to efficiently and effectively provide legal assistance in the following spheres:

Commercial contracts:

  • Analysis of draft agreements to find and lower potential risks;
  • Comprehensive legal support in the course of drafting, entering into, amending or terminating contracts;
  • Verification of authority of parties and their representatives to enter into contracts as well as verification of their financial standing;
  • Analysis of administrative, banking, currency, price and tax regulations and respective case law related to subject contracts;
  • Legal support of negotiations during drafting, entering into, introducing changes and terminating contracts;
  • Representation of Clients’ interests within the scope of alternative resolution of contractual disputes and court proceedings over contractual disputes.

International trade:

  • Drafting and legal analysis of international trade contracts in accordance with the applicable domestic and foreign legislation and the Clients’ interests;
  • Detailed review and legal analysis of international trade implementation schemes based on particularities of foreign trade, banking, tax and customs regulations and case law;
  • Advising on issues of the application of the WTO legislation in Ukraine;
  • Representation of Clients’ interests in the course of dispute resolutions and during hearings of disputes by Ukrainian and foreign arbitral tribunals.

Governmental procurement:

  • Drafting legal opinions on governmental procurement issues;
  • Legal analysis of tender documentation;
  • Drafting and counseling on governmental procurement contracts;
  • Monitoring compliance with the legislation during any stage of governmental procurement procedure;
  • Representation of Clients’ interests during hearings of governmental procurement disputes by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the applicable courts.

Permission system:

  • Advising on the necessity of and on the requirements for obtaining of pertinent permission documentation, including permits, licenses, and certificates;
  • Drafting applications for permission documentation and legal support during pendency of the application;
  • Legal advice regarding compliance with conditions and requirements for commercial activity based on permission documentation.